Swim Gear

Intex manufactures a line of Swim Gear that is affordable, with a range in prices and quality for different items to suit your needs. The lower priced swim gear items are a lower quality, and higher priced swim gear items are a higher quality. Superdairyboy has placed his comments on the swim gear in with the items he has tested and used himself.

We have a selection of swim goggles, swim masks, nose clips, ear plugs, and swim fin/snorkel/mask sets. Have fun browsing and remember, all swim gear prices include shipping!

Goggle and Mask Swim Gear
Goggle & Mask Swim Gear
Fins and Snorkels
Fins & Snorkels
Combination Set Swim Gear
Combination Set Swim Gear
Nose and Ear Swim Gear
Ear Nose Swim Gear

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