Inflatable Pools

We carry a line of fun and exciting inflatable pools to meet your needs. We have everything from the baby pool to the play center pool to the large neighborhood inflatable pool! Have fun browsing, and remember...

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my first baby pool 
My First Baby Pool

24" x 6"
8 gauge vinyl
2 rings
capacity (80% full) 7 gallons

ages 1-3

animal fun inflatable pool 
Animal Fun Inflatable Pool

44" x 10"
8 gauge vinyl
2 rings
capacity (80%): 28 gal

ages 3+


3 Ring Pool
3 Ring
Inflatable Pool

  58in. x 13 in.
  8 gauge vinyl
  89 gallon capacity

ages 3+


45" x 10"
  46 Gallon capacity


sunset glow pool\
Sunset Glow
Inflatable Pool

66" x 18"
4 equal rings
9 gauge vinyl rings
7 gauge vinyl floor
188 gallon capacity

ages 3+


  aquarium inflatable pool
Inflatable Pool

Ideal as an adult lounging spa.

60" x 22"
12 gauge vinyl
inflatable floor with drain plug
106 gallon capacity

ages 6+

Out of Stock until the end on May 2010

Neighbot hood Pool
Neighborhood Swim Center
Inflatable Pool

144in Diameter Octagon Design.
Wall Height 26in.
Big Enough For Family and Friends.
Soft, Wide, I-Beam Side walls invite Sitting and Lounging
18 Ga. Vinyl Sides 16 Ga. Vinyl Floor
3 Air Chambers each with Double Valve intake and free Flow  Exhaust Valve
Easy to Store for the Next Season.
Drain Plug in Floor for Easy Emptying
Water Capacity (60%) 765 Gallons.

Ages 6+
Out of Stock

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