Slip 'N Slides

Slipnslides are great for cooling off in the summer heat!

Slip n Slide by Wham-O
Slip N Slide
by Wham-O

From the box:

"Hook up to a garden hose and turn on a trickle of water. IT'S CRAZY... people scoot like seals!"

Slide Features:

  • 16 feet long
  • Super fast water sliding surface
  • Water jets run the full length of the slip n slide's plastic surface
  • Includes 1 water slide, 2 anchors, 2 repair patches
  • attractive throw-back retro packaging

CAUTION: Not for adult use. ONLY for children from ages 5-12, and under 110 pounds! Please enjoy the slide to the fullest by following all safety instructions.

All Wham-O products are inspected and tested before shipping. This slip n slide comes with a 30-day manufacturer's guarantee (from the date of purchase) - more information on box.

Ages 5-12

$14.99 + $7 S&H


$13.99 + $7 S&H

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