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Intex, and Bestway manufactures a wide selection of swim goggles and swim masks. Below you will find the items that we carry. Superdairyboy has put his comments in on the items he has tested. The water pro Swim goggles and world sport swim masks have left us with many happy customers, and are our most popular swim gear items.

Great Deals on Large Lots of Goggles

Water Pro Goggles
Most Popular Goggle!
Water Swim Pro Goggles

Lightly Tinted Lenses

Ages 10+
(adult size)

Superdairyboy's Comment: a higher quality pair of goggles. Not the top of the line, but definitely a step above the "cheap" goggles.

If you have a color preference, please specify in the comments section as you checkout.

($2.99 + $3.00 S&H)

Designer Swim Goggles
Designer Swim Goggles

Tinted anti fog lenses
Soft comfort tested no leak eye cups
Quick adjustable silicone head strap

Ages 10+
(adult size)

($3.99 + $3.00 S&H)
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Sprinter Swim Goggles
Sprinter Goggles

Soft molded eye cups
Adjustable nose bridge and elastic strap

Ages 6+
(including adults!)

($1.45 + $3.00 S&H)

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Pro Racer Swim Goggles
Pro RacerGoggles

SAN Tinted lenses
Soft PVC eye cups
Adjustable nose bridge and head strap

Ages 6+
(including adults!)

($.99 + $3.00 S&H)

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