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Tin Games provide generations of fun because they last and last! The tin games below are a lot of fun.
Shoot-A-LoopTM Tin games are a great value for the money. A simple concept that draws the players into game after game!
Tin Games make great converstation pieces!
Baseball Shoot A Loop Baseball Shoot A Loop Pieces
Shoot-A-LoopTM Baseball
Tin Game

Play America's favorite pastime in a whole new way! Using the marble launcher, players attempt to land their "mar-balls" in the scoring tray. Scoring tray lets the batters know how to move their player around the bases. From singles to strikes, outs to Home Runs 0 this game's a hit! Shoot-A-LoopTM Baseball comes with one "mar-ball", a baseball field playing card, 10 cutout players with plastic stands, scoring pad, and instructions. The tin game is 9 inches tall.

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Tin Marble Shooter Marble Shooter
Tin Game

Flick the Lever to send the marble sailing into the scoring zone! Score 5, 10, 15, 20, even 25 points eith each marble shot! But don't let that marble fall through the center hole or you won't score anything.

made by Schylling
13" x 5.25" x 3"

Ages 8+

($9.99 + $5 S&H)
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Shoot A Loop
 Tin Game

A marble game of skill! Pull back the marble launcher and watch your marble rocket through the loop. Lucky shots land in the scoring tray. Skilled shots land in high scoring holes. This 9' tall classic marble action game is constructed of 100% tin, making it a durable toy to be enjoyed for generations to come. Shoot-A-LoopTM comes with 3 marbles, instructions, and suggestions for game variations.

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Tin Bowling Game
 Tin Game

Hit a strike every time with the Tin Bowling Game! Made of all tin material, the bowling lane and bowler feature colors and graphics that are sure to take you back some years! Read in his bowling position, the bowler's arm catches on a release lever which you control. WHen released, the arm swings forward and sends the bowling ball flying down the lane hopefully resulting in a strike! 10 wooden pins and a marble bowling ball are included with the game. Not only is the game good looking and fun to play, but it will also "spare" your legal tender!

Tin game measures 29.75 inches long and 6.25 inches wide.

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