Schylling Tin Toys

Tin toys have a classic appeal. Modern tin toy reproductions from Schylling are made to look like their original counterparts. Now we can enjoy again the toys from a day gone.

Schylling Tin Toys have a beautiful quality to them. Check out our selection of WORKING tin toys from Schylling below! Remember, all prices include shipping.
tin ferris wheel
Tin Ferris Wheel

Wind up the ferris wheel and watch it go around for a minute and a half.

9" tall
Made in Germany

Ages 8+


tin train station
Wind-Up Key
Tin Train Station Toy

Wind it up and watch the trains go through tunnels and stations. Toy is a reproduction of an old russion classic.

Ages 8+


tin express train
Tin Express Train

Wind up train
12 3/4" long

Ages 8+

Out of Stock
tin streamlined train
Stream Lined Tin Train

Chrome plated wind up train with key.
13" long

Ages 8 +

Out of Stock
tin boat
Tin Candle Boat
(working toy steam boat!)

A timeless favorite.
Makes a fascinatting "putt-putt" sound while moving around the watter! An incredible tin toy.

8 inches long.
Includes candles and an eyedropper to fill the little boiler.

Ages 8+
Adult supervision required.

Out of Stock

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