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Grow Putty and Super Bouncing Ball Factories... What FUN!

 Grow Putty Grow Putty:

You shape it into whatever you want, put it in water, and it will grow to 25 times its original size!

For ages 5 and up.

($2.49 + $2 S&H)

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Ball Factory

Ball Factory
Super Ball Factory:

A fun Do-It-Yourself toy for boys and girls. Design and create your own high bouncing, multicolored ball! All it takes is 5 minutes, a cup of warm water, and our “magic powder” and ball mold. Really bounces!

This makes about 2 balls.

Please note: Homemade balls from your ball factory will not be of the same quality as professionally
made balls. (Superdairyboy tried it out!)

Picture shows process of making balls.

($2.99 + $2 S&H)

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