Basic Fun Keychains

We cary a selection of Basic Fun Keychains. Basic Fun's keychains feature miniatures of real working toys and other items. The little keychains work just like the toy they represent! They are great for the collector or the parent who wants to have handy "toys" to keep their child busy at a moment's notice.

  Fisher Price Chatter Phone Keychain

Fisher Price Chatter Phone:

This is it. A minature Keychain version of the Classic Chatter Phone Toy. It even Chatters and Blinks.
It is approx 2in x 2in x 2in.


Wooly Willy
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Wooly Willy Keychain:

It's a flash from the past with Basic Fun's Wooly Willy keychain. Use the magnetic wand to draw a mustache, whiskers, and hair on Willy’s smiling face! The magnetic wand, attached to a pull-out string, snaps back into place when the wand is secured back into the side slot. The perfect take-along gift for kids, nostalgia toy collectors, and retro admirers.



  Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown:

Figural Keychain.

Classic Peanuts Keychains
Classic Peanuts Keychains

Peanuts are true cultural icons, instantly recognized all over the world. Featuring the most enduring comic characters ever created, Basic Fun brings us an assortment of classic characters featuring the sensible Linus and his ever present blanket, the musical genius Shcroeder playing classical musice on his toy piano, the adorably disheveled Pigpen and a carefree dancing snoopy.






 jelly etch a sketch

Jelly Etch A Sketch

Really Works!


Etch A Sketch

Really Works!

Etch A Sketch, the world’s favorite drawing toy introduced in 1960, is one of Basic Fun’s most popular keychain styles. Basic Fun’s miniature keychain version has all the sketching power of the original! Turn the mini knobs to draw horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Take it with you everywhere you go!


   duncan butterfly yo-yo
Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo

The function and control of the original Butterfly Yo-Yo is now available in keychain form. Basic Fun's Butterfly Yo-Yo keychain features detachable key ring for amazing play. Specially designed keychain clip slides securely back onto Yo-Yo for take-everywhere fun.

Colors Vary.


Joke Teller Keychain
Joke Teller Keychain

“What did the tailor say to her assistant?”  Answer:  “Quit needling me.  (Get the point!)” Have you ever wanted to be the life of the party, but can never remember the entire joke or its punchline?  Now the Joke Teller keychain has got lots of laughs in store for you!  Begin by reading the joke aloud as it scrolls across the screen, then once you reveal the answer hit the button to hear the hilarious laugh track.  Contains 200 jokes for hours of humorous entertainment.


Tetris Carabiner Keychian
Tetris Nano Carabiner Key chain

Perfect Gift for any Tetris Lover.
This is the Real Deal.
It works even with Sound Effects.
Requires 2 AAA batteries NOT included.


Happy Bunny T Shirts
Happy Bunny T Shirts

The adorable miniature "It's Happy Bunny" t-shirt keychains add some attitude to your key ring. Each shirt has a different It's Happy Bunny design with its obnoxious phrase. Based on the red-hot t-shirt line.

Pink no. 1 ~ cute but psycho(discontinued)
Pink no. 2 ~ you suck big time
Blue ~ hi, loser.
Black ~cruel but cute so I'm worth it
Yellow ~ not listening

$5.99 each

Fisher Price Keychains

Fisher price rock a stack rings keychain
Fisher Price Push Toys Keychains:

Both toys really work. Roll the music pusher accross a smooth, flat surface for a continuous tune. Push the corn popper and the balls really pop! Great keychain toys that tug at the heartstrings.



disney keychains
Disney Classics Keychains

Cute Figural Keychains.



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