Mad Libs Electronic Keychain

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Mad Libs Electronic Keychain
Mad Libs Electronic Keychain

Forget the pen and paper! Mad Libs, the fill-in-the-blank activity book, is now an electronic keychain! You provide the requested words - nouns, adjectives, verbs, colors, numbers, silly words, sounds, and more to give your short story you personal quirky twist! When the electronic voice prompts you, record your own words or pass it to a friend. Now play it back for lots of laughs!

There are over 99 different "libs" on this keychain. All of the "libs" have something to do with the subject of school.

The batteries are replaceable and long-lasting. The packaging claims the keychain will run for 1 hour of continuous use, but it ran for much longer than that for Superdairyboy.

($9.99 + $2 S&H)