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Kid Knex products are perfect for those little fingers eager to build!

footed friends kid knex
Footed Friends
Kid Knex

With the Kid K'Nex Footed Friends building set, you get 55 easy-snap large pieces perfect for building silly friends. Bug eyes, big chunky feet, rabbit ears - all make building fun and creative for little builders.

55 easy to snap kid knex pieces
flexibility rods for
build-on storage case

Ages 3-7

($13.99 + $7 S&H)
Big Lid Kids
bigger pic
Big Lid Kids
Kids Knex

Build new, bigger Lid Kids with real truckin' action! The cement mixer spins, the dump truck pivots, the garbage truck has lift-up action with closable compartment, and the tow truck's pivoting crane arm is ready to haul.

23-29 easy to snap kid knex pieces
personality lids
reusable big plastic storage cups
picture guid

Ages 3-7

($9.99 + $6 S&H)

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