Novelty Toys

Novelty Toys for kids of all ages. We like to cary a line of fun, interesting novelty toys for children.
Check out the novelty toys below for some great gifts.
Then watch the intrigue on their faces as they try it out for the first time!
Schylling Gyro Wheel
Gyro Wheel

  The classic of novelty toys.

($2.99 + $4 S&H)

floating ball game
Floating Ball Game
Novelty Toy

Blow through the pipe to keep the ball in the air. An intriguing game for children.

Wooden pipe with 2 styrofoam balls included.

($2.99 + $3 S+H)

Fly Swatter Gun
Fly Swatter Gun

really works!

($2.49 + $2 S&H)


balloon boat
Balloon Boat

Watch this boat slowly putt around the tub powered by a BALLOON.

Includes wooden boat and balloon.

($2.99 + $3 S&H)

meteor storm novelty light toy
Meteor Storm
Novelty Light Toy

Just press the button and watch the multiple LED lights spin inside the plastic globe making over 60 amazing patterns! It's fun for all ages! Batteries included.

($4.99 + $4 S&H)

chatter stones
Chatter Stones

Incredible magnetized "stones" that whirl, chirp and buzz! Many ways to play.

An amazing novelty toy everyone will play with.

($4.99 + $3 S&H)

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