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Lauri Toys are educational and fun. Lauri toys come from that trusted manufacturer of quality children's products. See our line of toys below, and check our our other educational toys while you're at it!

Lauri Toys provide hours of educational fun. Lauri is one of our favorite manufacturers. The even replace missing pieces!

Lauri Bug Collector Game
lauri bug collector game
Bug Collector Magnetic Game

14" square gameboard
4 bug collecting jars
42 magnetic bug tiles
4 place markers and 1 die
game box with handle

Kids collect 42 colorful bugs. Roll a die and move the spaces indicated. The game board instructs kids how many bugs to add or subtract from their magnetic collecting jar. When the end is reached, kids count the bugs in their jars and discover the winner!


2-4 players
Ages 4-8 years

$13.99 + $5 S&H
Lauri Peggy Back Game
lauri peggy back game
Peggy Back Game

easy-to-assemble crepe rubber die
5 "tall stacker" pegs
game box

A delightful first game where children move ahead the color rolled by the die. Place your peg on the pegboard, or land on an opponet for a "peggy back" ride.

color recognition
rule-following skills

no reading required
Ages 3+

$13.99 + $5 S&H
Lauri Tall Stacker
lauri tall stacker set
Tall Stacker with Pegs

25 pegs
1 8", 25-hole pegboard
suggested activities

(additional pegboards are available,
 as pictured)

Kids will think they're just having fun with this versatile teaching toy, but they'll Build find-motor and math skills during play. Kids think they're just having fun.

Pegs are 2 5/8" tall.


Ages 2+

$13.99 + $5 S&H
Lauri Shape Sorter
lauri color and shape sorter
Shape and Color Sorter

5 pegs
1 11 1/2" board
25 chunky sorting pieces

Captivation pegging activities plus sorting rubber pieces by color or shape make this Lauri toy a favorite for youngsters.

Children eagerly sort the colorful crepe rubber pieces by shape or color on the sorting board.

color recognition
shap recognition

Ages 2-6

$12.99 + $5 S&H

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