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fun slides carpet skates
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Fun Slides Carpet Skates®

Like socks on a hardwood floor, FunSlides™ give you that same "fun-powered glide" on CARPET! These Carpet Skates™ have a friction resistant plastic base and foam foot grip with an adjustable hook and loop closure. Just strap them on and you are ready to go.

$27.00 ($20 + $7 S&H)
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fun slides carpet puck
Fun Slides Carpet Puck

Soft High density foam makes it safer than other pucks. Bounces off walls, baseboards, and You!
Ultra smooth palstic base designed to glide over carpet.
Use with Funslides Carpet Skates.
Great for athletic, community, activity centers,  youth groups and Large living rooms.
Approx Same Size as an offical Hockey puck.

Package includes TWO pucks.

$7.50 ($5.00 +2.50 S&H)

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carpet floor hockeyfloor hockey equipment for carpet
Carpet Floor Hockey Set

This is GREAT. The set includes 1 carpet puck and two mini hockey sticks for exciting hockey play on your knees! A new twist on an old "classic".

$16.00 ($10 + $6 S&H)
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